Selected Work

“Will’s Discography” Blog Post

The client is a theatre company who produces Shakespeare, among other plays. They wanted a blog entry encouraging their audience to buy tickets for all three Shakespeare plays in their 2022 season. I compared Shakespeare’s plays to different albums in a musician’s catalog or to a flight of drinks, making the argument that seeing plays from different eras of Shakespeare’s career is a good way to “develop your palate” for Shakespeare’s dramatic poetry.

“How To Write A Bio” Blog Post

The client is a digital marketer and brand management professional. She wanted a blog entry for her site giving tips for clients who have trouble writing about themselves, whether for speaking engagements at conferences, being a guest on a podcast, or their own social media.

“How To Elope In North Carolina” Blog Post

The client is an elopement photographer who primarily works in Virginia and North Carolina. She wanted a blog entry for her site giving tips for clients who are considering eloping in North Carolina. I did research on locations and venues, as well as legal considerations, and created a step-by-step guide to eloping in North Carolina.

Spec Ad for Chocolate Oatly

Client makes oat milk and wants to promote their new chocolate oat milk, especially to adults, who traditionally don’t drink chocolate milk. Oatly as a brand has an irreverent, wordy, meta voice. I wrote copy for an ad suggesting that the difference between something “immature” like putting chocolate milk into coffee and something “mature” and “sophisticated” like drinking a mocha is only a matter of semantics.

Spec Ad for Renogy

The client makes solar panels and batteries. I wrote copy for a mailer ad encouraging customers to buy solar batteries to have them charged in advance rather than waiting for a storm to knock out their power and then wish that they’d prepared.