Words, words, words.

That one’s for my fellow Shakespeare nerds out there, but also, presumably, that’s what you’re here looking for. Right?

Well, my friend, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

Meet your wordsmith

Since I was nine years old, writing has been like breathing. I can’t inhale experiences without exhaling words.

Whether that writing is educational or entertaining, fiction or nonfiction, digital or in print, I have to write. And I’d love to write for you.

When I’m not writing (or reading), I like watching Star Trek, drinking coffee, traveling, and eating Chinese food.

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Limited Introductory Offer

Blog Content Writing Special

$250 *Ony $100 down to reserve your spot.

  • 20-Minute planning call
  • Full copy document, up to 2500 words
  • Optimized for search engines
  • One round of revisions

“Having Mac write the copy for my Elopement Guide was literally the best decision I made in 2021. Not only was it a huge weight off my shoulders, but when I got the copy back from him it was just like I wrote it myself, except so much better. Knowing that I could depend on Mac to take this huge project across the finish line for me was an absolute godsend for my business, and a decision I would make again in a heartbeat.”

– Leah from Flit Photography

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